IN THE PAST TWO DECADES Chile has emerged as one of Latin America’s most prosperous nations. But beneath the surface of this success story, people are struggling to have their voices heard amid growing social tensions. In early 2016, a group of student journalists travelled to Chile to investigate why some of the country’s most vulnerable people remain hidden in plain sight.

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The Chilean Dream

We’re all familiar with the American Dream– the belief that hard work and dedication can lead us to social, economic and personal fulfillment. The concept transcends national borders, and has characterized a way of thinking that has become engrained in modern consumer culture.

As Chile reaches economic prosperity through its newfound political stability and booming mining industry, it has come to present itself as a new land of opportunity.

The Silent Rise of HIV

Around the world the number of new HIV cases is steadily dropping.

But in Chile, one of South America’s most prosperous nations, the virus is on the rise. This spike in new cases is affecting some of the country’s most vulnerable populations, including young people, women and Indigenous groups.