Millions of asylum seekers and migrants from the Middle East, Africa and Central Asia pass through Turkey, in hopes of new lives in Europe. The Syrian civil war has led to more than 3 million new refugees fleeing the conflict next door – which has overwhelmed the country’s ability to cope with the continuous flow of migrants fleeing chaos or repression from other nearby countries.

Turkey and the EU have streamlined a process to help Syrian refugees, but others passing through Turkey aren’t so lucky. This project is about the other refugees — people from Afghanistan, Iraq, Iran and throughout Africa — who have fled war and repression, but are often caught in limbo.

A team of International Reporting fellows, in partnership with journalists in Turkey, spent eight months researching and reporting this complex issue, and did fieldwork throughout Turkey.

Stuck follows the journeys of migrants throughout Turkey’s two-tiered immigration process, and shows the labyrinthine system than non-Syrians face as they try to start new lives in Europe.


Sophie Gray
Sophie GrayFellow
Alexander Kim
Alexander KimFellow
Emma Loy
Emma LoyFellow
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Holly McKenzie-SutterFellow
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Alex MigdalFellow
Sharon Nadeem
Sharon NadeemFellow
Andrew Seal
Andrew SealFellow
Aryn Strickland
Aryn StricklandFellow

Production Team

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Peter Klein
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Kathryn Gretsinger
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Saranaz Barforoush
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Dan McKinney
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Britney Dennison
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David Murawsky
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Zak Vescera
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Andrew Munroe


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Zalala AliPartner
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Ruhullah KhapalwakPartner
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